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Basic Reading

Any and all recommendations from the land, in no particular order


Antelope Canyon

Full Itinerary

All recommendations

Secondary Suggestions

Organized into a comprehensive and personal itinerary


Antelope Canyon

Earth Speaker

Intuitive Channeled Trip Planning

It is often said that Sedona draws people to her. It can be overwhelming to arrive here, not knowing where to turn or how best to take in the splendor all around you. Why not ask the land that drew you here in the first place?


I tap into the voice of the landscape to help guide your experience here. If you're planning a trip to Sedona, fill out this questionnaire and email it to me. I will call you back and we can discuss in more detail what you are looking for. 


Spiritual Itinerary

Full itinerary

Spiritual tips for each location

One personalized guided meditation for use at a particular location


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