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Wild Expression Presents

Building Belonging:
A Toolkit for Teenage Girls

August 19 & 20, 26 & 27

9 am - 12 pm

Ages 13 - 17

Only 10 spaces available!

An expressive arts workshop series based in the embodied voice

Who Are We

We all want to fit in - but how do you do that while staying true to yourself?

Honesty is powerful, but it can be uncomfortable too. When trying to fit in we can sometimes get lost. Authenticity allows us to stay grounded in ourselves, so that we can communicate who we are and what we’re comfortable with in a clear way.


Interactive Embodied Exercises Create Confident Authenticity

Embodiment practices retrain the nervous system and help us relate to the body as an active participant in our lives. We start with physical awareness, then translate this to movement and expression. In this way, we retrain ourselves to interact from the inside out in a way that prioritizes authenticity and compassion.


Recognizing authenticity in others & building each other up

Fitting in is not just about doing cool things together. It's about supporting each other and creating a safe space for everyone. Recognizing authenticity in others means working together to create trust, joy, confidence, and community. In this workshop, we practice the mindset and practices that create belonging. 


A toolkit in the process of discovering who you are

How do you “be yourself” when you’re still exploring who you are? It’s okay to not have all the answers right now. It's also okay to connect without knowing them. This workshop celebrates the process of discovery by giving you tools to check in with yourself and speak your truth no matter how confusing the situation. 

Workshop Overview

Day 1: Authenticity 

Exploring authenticity within community. 

What does it mean to be ourselves while fitting in?


Day 2: Empowerment

Finding our own rhythm through interactive and embodied exercises.

Speaking up & using our voices.


Day 3: Hurdles

Exploring the difficulties that can get in the way

of our expression, including

insecurities and how to navigate attraction


Day 4: Belonging

Giving and Receiving support. Celebrating authencity,

even in vulnerability. Finding confidence in the unknown spaces.

Workshop Series Investment: $600

$50 today to reserve your space

Payment options:

  • Pay in full today for 10% off 

  • Pay deposit today & remaining $550 by first session

  • Payment plans available

About Your Facilitator

Hello, my name is Kaatje (pronounced Katya) Jones! I am a provisional practitioner of Voice Movement Therapy, and one of my greatest joys is helping people forge a stronger connection with themselves and with others around them. The body is such a profound teacher, and I believe that the voice is our most underutilized ally. 

I am offering this workshop series as the exploration space that I wish that I had available when I was a teen. During my teenage years, I experienced social anxiety, loneliness, and insecurity about my changing body, alongside a painful desire for meaningful connection. Much of my journey as an adult has involved working my way out of these old patterns through nuanced and embodied methods of self-inquiry. As a result, I uncovered a core part of myself shortly before turning 30. This discovery came directly from Voice Movement Therapy. This workshop series uses this modality to give teens a braver, more compassionate baseline and a set of tools to guide them going forward.

About Voice Movement Therapy

Voice movement therapy is an expressive arts therapy based in the embodied voice. The body holds memories from our entire lifetime in muscle and tissue. The voice accesses this memory and allows it to transform and release. By working with the movement and sound, we can learn to understand what cues our body is pointing us to, whether it be the source of anxiety or an intuitive step forward. These practices translate to our daily lives, empowering us to access our body’s innate intelligence in any situation.

The body is a potent ally, and the voice is our most steadfast advocate. Even when external circumstances are confusing the body knows how to react. Starting with awareness, we observe sensations & emotions in the body.  This awareness translates to the voice and reinforces the ability to speak up and take up space. Through this process we engage with the embodied voice. When working with the embodied voice, even the simplest of exercises can have a profound emotional and psychological impact.


My workshops combine this embodied approach with play. The beauty of play is that it gives us permission to bypass our insecurities and fears. Using playful exercises, we explore deep topics with both joy and vulnerability. This allows plenty of room for all participants to have their own experience and engage each other with authenticity and curiosity.


"Kaatje’s presence in holding space for transformation is gentle yet steadfast." 

           -Inez W


"I cannot recommend Kaatje enough!! Her ability to hold space, to hear me, and to guide me was incredible. I had no idea I could use my voice to heal and feel my body until I had a session with her. THANK YOU!"

           -Uma D


"I have worked with Kaatje both one on one and in group settings and I can say she is one of the most caring, intuitive, humble, authentic, and creative people I have ever met. If you are looking for ways to express yourself more fully, I found Kaatje to be an amazing ally." 

            -Tony M


"Her activities, intuitive guidance, and obvious skills/knowledge allowed me to really sink into a place of vulnerability and true self. She relaxed my nerves with her own freedom. So amazing." 

             -Capri C

Scholarship space is available. Email Kaatje@WildXpression for more information.

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