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Finding your voice is so much more than just a metaphor. The body remembers. The voice is perhaps the most expressive part of the body, and its memories emerge as sound. My goal is to help people access not just the physical apparatus of the voice, but also the full range of expression and experience that comes with it. 

Voice Movement Therapy can have a profound emotional and psychological impact. 

Voice Movement Therapy is the ongoing creative process of discovering and creating the self through the body and the voice. It is the art of excavating one’s personal archaeology, using sound and movement to dig down through the layers left by individual history, trauma, and society. Freeing the voice shakes loose these layers, which have been deposited and crystalized in muscle, tissue, and vocal chords. 

I invite you to discover yourself through the voice, moving your way through play, curiosity, storytelling, creation, song, and shadow to a fuller, freer understanding of yourself. 

My work also frequently taps into a connection with nature. As embodied beings, I believe that we are deeply connected to the Earth, and that reconnecting in body and voice can yield transformative gifts. 

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Kaatje’s presence in holding space for transformation is gentle yet steadfast. I had a powerful experience that felt like I was being led on a journey by someone who had done this a thousand times. I relaxed into the knowing that Kaatje exuded and was able to have a major breakthrough with my voice. The immediate after effects are amazing but what has astonished me is the fact that, months later, I am still seeing the transformation play out.


When I got the chance to do another session 5 months later, I wasn’t sure what would come through. I could feel something was stirring and with Kaatje’s guidance I was able to tap into a part of me that has now fully blossomed. I am happy to announce I can speak my truth and sing my song with a clearness and a conviction that I never knew was possible. Thank you Kaatje. 

Inez, singer

I cannot recommend Kaatje engough!! She helped me see deep rooted patterns, at a SOUL level. Her ability to hold space, to hear me, and to guide me was incredible. Made me feel very safe and courageous to go deep because of such great level of safety and support I was provided with her wisdom, nurture and care. I had no idea I could use my voice to heal and feel my body until I had a session with her. I mean, so much happened in one hour with her I was blown away. I had SUCH a huge shift in my life ever since I was able to be aware of old patterns and subconscious beliefs stored in my body! THANK YOU!


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About Me

Singer. Healer. Artist. Dancer. Earth Lover.

In the summer of 2019, I participated in a women's retreat in the mountains of New Mexico. In that intimate circle, I found myself singing with such joy, and even leading songs. Something clicked. I have been singing since I was a teenager, but never wanted to be a performer. I simply continued to sing for the love of it, learning styles as far-ranging as flamenco, classical, and tango. At that retreat, I realized that there was a different way I could use my voice: for healing. 


Enter Voice Movement Therapy (VMT). From the first session I was hooked. Here was a modality that combined the sensitivity and mindfulness that my family had helped cultivate with my natural creativity and curiosity, using the voice and the body as tools to shape, explore, and express. It was liberating! 


Today, after the longest training in VMT history (thanks to the pandemic), I am a provisional practitioner, located in Sedona, AZ, and eager to share this work. 


Working with Me

All group and individual sessions are currently offered online or in person in Sedona, Arizona. If you're interested in working with me, please send me an email and we'll set up a free 15-minute discovery call to determine whether this is a good fit!

Working one on one allows me to devote my full attention to your voice, physicality, and personal process. Sessions typically last one hour. I charge $75 for a session, though if this is a problem, please reach out and we can find something that works for you. 

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These classes are more general and are designed for you to get a sense of the way I work, as well as how you can explore your voice in a social or group context. 

These classes start at 4 weeks, are capped at 10 people, and follow a specific theme. Dive deep into yourself, accompanied by peers, and discover how doing this work in community can change the way you view others and yourself. 

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Combine self-exploration with the physical experience of the natural world, and all the beauty and magic that comes with it. These are voice movement therapy sessions with the addition of earth-based spirituality. Sessions range from 1 - 3 hours and prices vary based on length. 

Wild Expression is a member of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association and is

permitted for operations on the Coconino National Forest.

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